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Computer Chess Links
Watch live computer chess
See the best engines duke it out at TCEC or

Watch Leela Chess Zero (and other Lc0 flavors) get tested on Twitch or YouTube at  @edosani@potato_chess@brinanseeMark Young, and sometimes @westportchess
Free chess engines - Here are some of the strongest
asmFishBrainFishCorChessEtherealFireFizboKomodo 9LaserRaubfischShashChessStockfishStockfish DEV (development) versionsThothFishXiphos,  and many more at

We also have some computer chess engines to download here.
Free AI chess engines
Leela Chess Zero (Lc0) - an AI engine
Download the latest release here ("blas" for CPU-only; "cuda" for NVIDIA GPUs; or "OpenCL" for other GPUs). Here is an installation guide. You need to download a neural network. Here is a list of the strongest AI neural networks for LeelaChessZero.

We have several of the strongest Lc0 neural nets (a.k.a. weights files) backed up on our site here.
Chess engine rankings and ratings lists
Computer Chess Ratings List (CCRL)Chess Engine Grand Testing (CEGT), and IPManChess
Opening books for engine testing
Stefan Pohl has good opening books. Here are some of the chess engine opening books we like.
Endgame tablebase (EGTBs) downloads, Shredder Chess, or
Free computer chess GUIs
Arena chess GUIBanksia chess GUI"ChessGUI"Cute Chess GUILucas ChessNibbler - the chess GUI made specifically for Lc0SCID, and Zentropy. We have backups of those programs and more chess GUIs here.
Free computer chess utilities
Bayesian Elo calculatorOrdo ratings calculator,  and PGN Scanner 0.92. We have backups of those programs and more chess utilities here.
Tactical test suites
How good is your engine at solving tactical or endgame problems? Use a test suite to find out. We have the Arasan Chess test suite, the Eigenmann test suite, the AH Tactics suite and AH Endgame test suite, and others for download here.
Chess forums
TalkChess.comLc0 DiscordStockfish Discord


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