Officers & Other Crucial Members


The club wouldn't be here without our main man Ray--nor would it be as fun! He directs our tournaments, brings the gear, and does many other things. He's also our club president.


Dave is our club's vice-president. He's a big help to our little club and does a lot for it. He's always up for a game.


Richard "the 4th" also does a lot for the club, running our email list, blog, etc. He's on the club's board.

IM Michael Brooks

Michael's highest USCF rating is 2630

Michael Brooks has been a FIDE International Master since 1989, and has had many of his chess games published in Chess Life. Space does not permit listing all his chess accomplishments, but since 1981 he has been the Missouri state champion at least six times, and lost out on five other occasions due only to tie-breaks. In 1982 Mike tied for first place in the first annual Midwest Masters tournament in Chicago, and in 1989 he tied for second in this event with a score of 5-1/2 to 2-1/2, defeating IGM Eduard Gufeld and drawing with IGM Sergei Kudrin. His performance in this event was the subject of an article in the August, 1989 issue of Chess Life, featuring Michael's picture and two annotated chess games. He was one of 16 players in the field competing for the 1990 U.S. Chess Championship. In 1994 Mike won the North American Open in Las Vegas, with wins against IGMs Alex Yermolinsky and Smbat Lputian.

In the 2003 Missouri Open Championship Mike scored a last-round draw with IGM Pavel Blatny; this game and his others from that event are annotated in the Winter 2004 issue of the Missouri Chess Bulletin. Mike resides in the Kansas City area, and is a supporting member and officer of the Westport Chess Club.


Brent administers the website, facebook, and twitter accounts. He's no fun.